Thursday, December 20, 2007

(Get this party started)

Well, work is shut down until January 3, so the party has started a little early. Let's get this party started...

Ladies & Gentlemen: Miss Shirley Bassey in what has got to be the most FABulous song I've heard in a long time--and a pretty groovy video as well.

Unfortunately, iTunes USA does not have the song--iTunes UK does. Can I buy from the UK? No. Why? I don't know. Sometimes Apple can really fuck things up.

How can I get my party started if I don't have the theme song? Honestly...


JPRESTI said...

That's awesome!

I hope Pink has seen it.

durante said...

I am jealous that you don't have work between now and Jan. 3. You have to tell me more about that gig.

durante vita