Monday, January 19, 2009

Never Forget

I never want to think about Bush again, but I don’t want to forget, either. Bush came to office proclaiming he would "restore dignity to the White House." One last time, in completely random order, let’s look back at his legacy:*

Katrina and Bush telling “Brownie” he was doing “a hell of a job” as people were still drowning in their attics.
The U.S. Attorney firings and the politicizing of the Justice Department
Alberto Gonzales
Systematic dismantling Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department
Falsifying the reasons for war in Iraq and the 5,000 American lives lost
Not fully armoring U.S. soldiers in Iraq
Banning photographing U.S. war dead
Patient neglect at Walter Reed
Pat Tillman and false military reporting
The Iraq War and the 600,000+ Iraqi lives lost
The Patriot Act
War on Terror
War on Science
Faith-based initiatives
National Guard abuse
Scripted Iraq News Conference
Reduction of Veteran’s benefits
The polarization of the U.S.—“uniter not a divider” my ass!
Signing Statements
The endless trumping of 9/11 as if he actually did something.
Jeff Gannon Press Pass
Fake FEMA News Conference
9/11 Commission’s recommendations ignored
Clear Skies/ Healthy Forests Acts (which did the opposite)
Global Warming Denial
Dropping the ball in Afghanistan
Karl Rove
Dick Cheney: “not a part of the Executive Branch”
No Child Left Behind
Domestic spying
Naming Peter Kirsanow, an affirmative action opponent, to Civil Rights Commission
Black Sites
Donald Rumsfeld
Abuse of “threat levels” during the 2004 election
Harriet Miers nomination
Cheney Energy Task Force
Refusal to intervene on Enron’s manufactured energy crisis in California
White House email
Torturing Guantanamo prisoners
Guantanamo military tribunals
Detainee court cases
Cheney shoots a man and doesn’t report it
Abu Ghraib
Medals of Freedom
Voter suppression in Florida
No Bid Contracts
Air Force Academy Proselytizing
Warrantless Wiretapping
Iraq Reconstruction and the missing $12 Billion
Valerie Plame
Scooter Libby
Tax cuts for the rich
$250 Million surplus is now a trillion dollar debt
Understaffing at the US Park Police
Not admitting ANY responsibility for anything that went wrong during his administration
The Legacy Project

May God watch out and protect Barak Obama and help him lead us out of the mess that Bush got us into.

*It's as close as complete as I can get... I'm sure I forgot something.


Donnie v2.0 said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Michele said...

Great post! Ah, the memories...

The only thing I would add is how he made it easier for the rest of world to look at us with loathing, disdain, pity, and disgust. Thanks W!

You have to admit, though, that without the whole Cheney-shooting-an-old-man-in-the-face thing, late night comedy would have been denied so many, many laughs. If we have to grasp at straws....

Project Christopher said...

You could have stopped with "restore dignity to the white house"

JPRESTI said...

And don't forget this:

Mrs. Bush told People magazine there is one bit of her decor that she hopes the Obamas will keep — a settee that she had upholstered in tiger-print velvet and that she said “shocked” her mother-in-law, former first lady Barbara Bush.

Apparently they abused the furniture too.

Michele said...

Tiger-print velvet? Laura? We don't really know her, do we?