Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Midweek (Spank) Banking...

I'm paying some bills today (I'm sure it's a marketing ploy, but when the envelope arrives with a big red stamp on it--and a handwritten note saying "pay up now, deadbeat, or we break your legs", I feel I should send them a few dollars). Anywho... what were we talking about?

Ah, banking! Yes, well, like the rest of the world (sans those asswipes at AIG) my bank account is very low... but my Spank Bank account is oozing with deposits (that came out dirtier than it was supposed to, but I'm keeping it because it made me laugh).

What got me started is today is Mike Rowe's 47th birthday! Happy Birthday, Mike! Dirty Jobs is one of my favorite shows... even dirty, you're mighty good looking:

Well, Mike got me thinking about other celebrities I like, such as James Franco--who is currently attending NYU. You gotta admit, the boy looks good in glasses:

Wanna cram?

And then, because my favorite Deadly Sin is Lust, here's a little Eddie Cibrian. Why? Look at him! Jumping Jiminies!

Lose the damn towel...

Reason #162 why I want to win the lottery:
"Oh, pool boy!"


Joanne said...

Hi Chris, I see you popped on over to read 'me' hope you dont get bored! I love your blog banner, my DS plays waterpolo believe it or not he takes it very seriously complete with a baby bonnet on. I think the sport is 'bigger' in the US than it is here, my son is 15 and last year was the first time he had the opportunity to play. Love the pics perfect to get a girl going first thing in the am.

Project Christopher said...

My my....
Mike Rowe -yus, even filthy, he's hot. But... I hope that's just dirt.

James Franco. If you hadn't told me I'd have never guessed that was him. Good LORD what a different look!

Eddie Cibrian. Hate him. It's just. not. fair.


Where's my chocolate?

Anonymous said...

Yummers all the way around!