Friday, January 20, 2006

Anthony Franciosa Dies at 77

Anthony Franciosa was married to Shelley Winters* in the 1950’s… she died last weekend.

Coincidence? I think Shelley put a hit out on her former lovers to prevent anyone from writing a book about her the way she wrote about them…

He was also “Matt Helm” on the TV series. I don’t remember the show as much as I remember that title… good title.

*I could swear that I had a post about Shelley dying... maybe I wrote it and never posted.. Shelley, you'll always be "a very skinny lady in the water" to me!

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Bhakti said...

No Poseidon adventure was supposed to be a lovely romantic comedy, but when Shelley stepped onto the 'set', the boat began to sink and the script writers had to shuffle to rewrite all of the lines before the water level got too high. True story. I know, 'cause I just made it up.

(Please forgive me Shelley!! I don't normally make jokes at other's expense. Rest in peace, my love!)