Sunday, May 07, 2006

"If I had saved, I wouldn't be here."

Last week, I heard Martin Short speak on his new "one man show," Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me. It's in a pre-Broadway run (premiering on Broadway in August), and it is fantastic. The show will be travelling to a few more cities before New York and if you get the chance, I strongly urge you to see it.

The cast is amazingly talented... yeah, it's a one-man show with a cast. Nicole Parker from MadTV is in the cast and--as always--she's hysterical.

While the show is still being tweaked and there is one number I think should go ("12 Steps"), there are two numbers ("Big Titties" and "10:30 aka Big Black Woman Song") that you will be singing and laughing about long after the curtain drops.

All of Martin's characters appear, from Ed Grimley, to a hysterical bit with an audience member with Jiminy Glick. The man is 56 years old, but does some of the most amazing quick changes I have ever seen.

If you get a chance to see this, by all means, GO!


Doctorchaos said...

Hey Chris, glad you're back. hope all was fun with Laura's B-Day. This is one BW show I'd see.

Chris said...

Tickets are still available!