Monday, July 30, 2007

The Continuing Descent of Lindsay Lohan’s Career

With only $3.1 million for its opening weekend, there is a reason the studio decided not to let the press review Lindsay Lohan’s latest film. Well, the reviews for "I Know Who Killed Me" are in. And like Lindsay, it’s pretty sad. The film appears to be yet another nail in the coffin that is Lindsay Lohan’s career:

"After a 20 minute delay in starting the movie, I had to assume the projector was taking an ethical stand and refusing to be party to the heinous act of showing this movie" Probably the best bad review… ever.

As always, thanks to dlisted.

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Michele said...

That is a terrible picture of a (usually) pretty girl. She should call Britney and ask how it's possible to at least seem like you're getting your shit together. Why are these ladies all falling apart at the seams? It used to be the guys who got caught driving drunk and making sad sex tapes. What's happening in the world? (Well, there is Al Gore's son....)