Sunday, September 30, 2007


Sunday was the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. A wholesome family-affair celebrating the leather fetish scene and those that like to watch (me)!

It’s much like many small town festivals, except the crowd is mostly men, mostly half-naked, and there are people flogging and peeing on each other. I’m sure they have similar festivals in Kansas and Oklahoma…

I did manage to see some wonderful things… most of which I can’t show you.

However, here are some of the highlights of what I saw:


Batman & Robin(?)

Porn Stars!

The Uber-Sexy Jason Ridge (with the camera)

Alex Collack (looking right at the camera… and into my soul!)

Men in Lederhosen (wtf?)

Men in Love

Men Playing Twisted Twister

Lots of Men in Chaps

Men without Pants (note the shadow…)

LOTS of People

In case you were wondering… some women did show up, however, while she did wear a “wrap” of sorts, this young lady seems to have misplaced her bra!

Not Shy...

And I did manage to find a few old friends… but they requested I not post any pictures:
(Oops! Sorry, buddy!)


Mike said...

Lucky devil! The closest I've came to seeing anything like that is during the "Walk of Shame" at the Habana in Oklahoma City...

Chris said...

They have similar events in New York and Chicago (probably Atlanta, as well).

You just have to get your ass into some leather gear and go!

Michele said...

Aahh, these are the things I miss about San Francisco... A beautiful fall day, leather, butt cheeks, boobs, and all those (other) dangly bits. The porn stars are gorgeous but, I don't know, I'm thinking Lederhosen Guy might turn out to be the most interesting. He's up to something with those short pants...what could it be?

durante said...

I had no idea who Jason Ridge was so I looked him up and found nice pictures of him on his web site. He's cute. Which is a big thing for me, because I'm not into porn stars.

durante vita

Billy said...

My oh my! The day we see something like this in Nairobi is the day pigs fly, green fluffy clouds float by, I can walk past a chocolate cake...
Basically, ain't gonna happen!