Thursday, September 06, 2007

Some People are Just Unlucky (i.e. ME)

I started driving when I was 18. Yes, I procrastinated. The whole thing scared me: 2 ton vehicle + “you can kill someone” + “Red Asphalt” = scared to drive. Eventually, I got over it and drove without incident for over 23 years.

Then, in 2005 some idiot came flying out of a parking lot, hit me and ruined my perfect record. After filing claims and going for a month without my car, I finally got my car back. But I’ve been forever a little skittish driving. I kept waiting for someone else to smash into me.

So it surprised me a few months ago when I was driving home from a booty call and merging onto a busy road in SF when I rear-ended a woman! Never a good thing... It cost me $800 and I’m sure my insurance will go up, so I’m even more skittish about driving.

And then today happened…

As I was driving home, traffic on Page Mill Road was very slow, as a bus rear-ended a car. It looked as if they were stuck together. It stayed with me the whole way home: you never know when someone isn’t paying attention and they run right into you. I did it, others do all the time.

There are four lanes in the exit off of 880 South onto Hamilton Avenue: (starting from the left) Lane #1 is a left only turn, Lane #2 is a left only turn, Lane #3 can go left or straight, and Lane #4 is right turn only. I was in Lane #3 going left. Crusher was in Lane #2, deciding that he wanted to go straight…

Quick quantum physics lesson: two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

The bastard hit me. For your viewing pleasure, a satellite photo of the intersection is below. Note the lanes are clearly marked, note how I’m turning and how he’s hitting me! My insurance is going to skyrocket (if they don’t drop me) and I’m sure this will be another point on my driving record—all crap I don’t need.

Tomorrow I think I’ll take the train to work, because I don’t think my poor car can take anymore…


EGL said...

Have you been injured in an accident that wasn't your fault? Are you tired of insurance companies making you pay for things that should be covered under your policy? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need a lawyer.

Call someone that isn't me because I hate lawyers. And remember, don't sign anything until you talk to a lawyer...that's the only real advice.

Hope you're ok...and since you're posting I'm going to assume you are. You can always e-mail if you want to chat!

durante said...

You come off as beat down, which I understand. I hate car accidents when they happen to me, as much as I hate when I cause them. And the Xterra is such a nice vehicle too.

But think positive! At least you can take the train! I wish I could do that here in Los Angeles.

And, you didn't really go into bodily injury, so that is good news.

durante vita

Chris said...

Yes, Yes... I am very lucky no one was hurt, but it bugs me it's so damn close to my last accident.

"I don't like people touching my things!"
--Richard Roxburgh
The Duke
Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Mike said...

That sucks! I'm glad you're Ok.

Michele said...

Chris! That's terrible! What a pain in the butt, needless, stupid accident caused by a PITB, useless, idiotic driver. Jeez, I'm really sorry that happened to you and I'm sorry for your car. Driving is dangerous in California, that's for sure. But don't give up! How will you make your booty calls without a car? :-) Although, of course, one can always hope to meet a cute guy on a train!

p.s. you know, some guys actually think rear-ending a woman is a good thing... ;-)

JPRESTI said...

oh chris, it really is time to return those new glasses.

p.s. You know, some girls actually think rear-ending a woman is a GOOD thing... Like I'd sort of like to get to know Katey Sagal's rear end, oh, sorry -- glad it was only a scratch. j

Agnes Mildew said...

Prangs happen, unfortunately...when I had the misfortune to get into a row with a concrete lamp post base with my Jeep, the insurers were more concerned about the state of the concrete than me and my car. Judging by the rainbow of car paint scrapes adorning it, the concrete base was quite used to being attacked.

Michele said...

LOL, jpresti! Katey is quite va-va-voom, isn't she? :-)

Hey Chris, I forgot to ask... Ian and I want to know how about that satellite image of your accident. Are we actually seeing your accident? That's amazing if that's what it is.

Trigve said...

Hey Chris: this is Ian of Michele fame: We just zoomed in on the picture and now we can see that you used Photo Shop or Paint or something to add your car and the basher's car along with helpful arrows and everything else to the Google Earth image. Pretty cool man! Please don't think we've become techno-phobes over here in Norway!
Have you sent the picture to your insurance company? :)

Chris said...

Yes, I sent the picture to my insurance company. God Bless photoshop! I love that software. I erased a couple of cars in the picture that were in other places in the intersection.

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Billy said...

Pole Sana (Swahili for very sorry) Chris - never nice being in a crash! Touch wood (Keep your thoughts clean now!), have not had a serious accident in a long time. And believe me, driving here is WAY more dangerous than where you are...

Does help that I drive like Miss Daisy!