Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekend Fun

I loved Designing Women back in the 80’s. Yes, it’s a gay thing, I’m sure. But it was very funny and the best part of any episode was when Julia went on a rant. More eloquent than humanly possible without a hefty staff or writers, she said the things that needed to be said and put assholes firmly in place. All while never uttering a single offensive word… such as “assholes.”

With thanks to YouTube, here are a few of my favorite bits.

Favorite. Rant. Ever.

Loved Bernice

“These things are POWER!”


Stephen Rader said...

"These things are POWER!" Brilliantly funny!

And I memorized Julia's "The night the lights went out in Georgia" speech years ago. My friends dare me to do it at auditions. I haven't yet. But I might. I just might!


Anonymous said...

Julia was always my favorite!