Thursday, April 09, 2009

What Storm?

Sean Chapin’s* terrific response to the National Organization for Marriage video trying to scare the Christianists:

This is beginning to blow up in NOM’s face—it’s now reported by the HRC that they auditioned actors, not real people, for their ad. They can never win on the truth, can they? Just keep perpetuating the lie and hope it catches does not honor God.

And on an even brighter note, from Joe. My. God.: it’s only a matter of time, why fight the inevitable? Gay marriage is coming:

Picture courtesy of Joe.My.God. (used completely without permission... I feel awful about it. But not so awful I didn't use it... bygones!)

*Contrary to what one friend noted, I did not post Sean's video because he's really cute... however, truth be told, it didn't hurt. I've been crushing on this guy for years...

Update: I sent this note to Sean this morning. Spread the word, people--this video can effect change.


I was having drinks last night with a friend when the subject of your video came up. She and I have had several debates on gay marriage and she’s had a hard time reconciling her religion to gay marriage. Yesterday, I sent a note out to all my friends to watch it. She did…

…and she finally got it!

It blew me away. I’ve been discussing it with her for so long, we became broken records: repeating the same arguments over and over. However, your video got her to look at it from outside herself; it’s not about her, it’s about other people loving each other.

When she said “I wish I could take back my vote [for Yes on 8]”, it gave me hope that this conversation could be going all across the country. One step closer—one vote closer—to equality.

I thought you would want to know that your video is having a positive effect. Thank you again for posting what needed to be said.


Another update: He got mentioned in Time Magazine (he's the first link on the spoofs in the second to the last paragraph)! AWESOME!

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