Thursday, May 22, 2008

6,000 Pounds

Tomorrow night is my last night working at The Bakery. I’ve spent just under a year working on my externship every Friday night/Saturday morning from Midnight until 8:00am, or so. Every night I would have to make three batches each of Buttercream and Cream Cheese frostings, as well as a batch of the Red Velvet frosting—just under 140 lbs. of frosting per shift. Multiply that out by the number of shifts and it came up to almost 6,000 pounds—that’s a lot of frosting… (and almost the weight of a female African Elephant!)

I really enjoyed my time at Sibby’s. Everyone is wonderful to work with, Rachel has been a dream of a boss—she’s smart, funny, relaxed and knows her stuff. I will miss them all terribly… but I need my weekends—downtime is important. So is sleep.

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Michele said...

Chris, congratulations on finishing your externship and surviving a year of that hardcore shift. What's next in your baking life (after a summer of sleep, of course)?