Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nucking Futz

I can say is that these women are crazy! For those of you that worship at the Altar of Oprah, move along. For those of you who don’t worship—here’s something to make you scratch your head and go “huh?”

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JPRESTI said...

What is going on??? Crazy people, that is what is going on. Just say no, Oprah!

Chris said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I think I can interpret this so you get it. She's giving away summer shit. For these chicks, that would be like, Red Sox playoff tickets. Or an all-expense paid trip to Paris to sample two weeks worth of pastry. There's an equivalent there. I know she could give away something that would get to you.

See, I get them liking Oprah. She gives away free shit and makes dreams come true, bippity boppity boo!

What's not to love?

If Oprah were giving away Red Wings Stanley Cup playoff tickets against the Penguins and I were in the audience, I'd have an twenty minute-long orgasm, too.

It's the stuff that chicks like to get that floors me.

Michele said...

Okey dokey. But does everyone win something? Or are those people screaming and CRYING over just the chance of winning? Imagine if people behaved like that every time they bought an effin' lottery ticket.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in the audience gets the loot. The woman is known for her largesse (I know there's a dieting joke in there, somewhere). So naturally, the women are euphoric. Just the mention of treats combined with Oprah's reputation will easily drive them wild.

Like I said, if Oprah were giving away Stanley Cup tickets or free queer porn, I'd have a twenty-minute orgasm, too.

In fact, that's about the only way I could ever imagine a woman getting me to orgasm.