Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tacos Rule!

As you may have heard, Jack Box was recently hit by a bus and is in a coma. Sad as this is, there is something to celebrate: today only, Jack-in-the-Box is giving away TWO FREE TACOS! Go to the website and print the coupon and present at your local Jack-in-the-Box to claim your tacos!*

I'm very excited about this, as my friends keep telling me how fantastic the tacos are at Jack-in-the-Box. I think everyone knows my love of Taco Bell (Chicken Quesedillas? To die for! Chicken Taco Fiesta Salad? Un-freakin'-believable! Burrito Supreme? Enjoyable...), so this is a big step for me. Today, we test the fortitude of the Jack-in-the-Box taco... for free!

In the meantime, keep good thoughts about Jack... and that I enjoy my two free tacos.

*or you can just click on the TWO FREE TACOS link...

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