Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Despair Knows Facebook

In response to those annoying tags requesting "25 Random Things" on Facebook, Despair, Inc. came up with a fantastic T-Shirt response. Click above for a better look... and it's only $18.95 on their website.

Go on and buy one... you know you want to. And it will help the economy, which is going into the shitter faster than you can say... well, "shitter."


Scooter said...

I heart
They are brilliant!

Riverwolf, said...

Pretty good. Yeah, I usually ignore all those "random things" requests.

Stephen Rader said...

I need this SO badly. It made me laugh and it perfectly expresses how I feel about those insipid "25 Random Things" requests.


Damn, all my money's gone. :)