Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ed McMahon: First Rate Second Banana

Ed McMahon passed away at the age of 86 [obit]—he had been ill as of late. It’s another bit of my childhood that’s gone away. His infamous “Now he-------re’s Johnny!” takes me back to when I would covertly stay up late to watch The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. I would try SO hard not to laugh out loud and alert my parents to my presence. Rest in Peace, Ed.

Losing Ed makes me wonder “who’s next?” Now in the old days, I would say that Delores Hope would be out in the Rolls trying to knock off other celebs to keep Bob Hope alive… someone told me that they don’t get the joy out of celebrity deaths since he died. Does that make them an asshole or me for making fun of it so much?

I’m going to say “me” because since celebrities die in threes, my first instinct is start a list of potential candidates. In no particular order, they are:

Walter Cronkite – 93 and apparently rather ill.
Annette Funicello – she got MS in the 90’s and has been blind for the last few years… I had to Google her to see if she was still alive.
Elizabeth Taylor – Dear Lord, she’s looking like those shrunken apple heads from the 70’s…
Karl Malden – Jeezo, he’s freakin’ 97!
Patrick Swayze – I’ve seen the cover of US Weekly, he should be lucky to make it through this post.
Kirk Douglas – I know what you’re thinking, “He’s still alive?” He’s in his 90’s…
Ernest Borgnine – I’ve been waiting for him to die ever since I heard that he died in the arms of an underage hooker back in the 90’s.
Nancy Reagan – 80 something… She was at the White House recently. Looked like a twig
Mickey Rooney – 105 (I’m guessing, but I can’t be that far off), Again: “still alive? Really…?”
Delores Hope – 100 (Seriously... she's 100!), At this point it is just a matter of time.

Farrah Fawcet – Thanks to Cav for reminding me... after her TV special, how could I forget?


JPRESTI said...

You forgot Farrah.

I got a tear in my eye yesterday when I saw a clip from Barbara Walter's interview with Ryan. Farrah has finally agreed to marry the big lug, that is, when she is strong enough to say "I do."

Michele said...

Can we put Dick Cheney on this list and just cross our fingers? :-)

I'm shocked that Delores Hope is still alive! More shocked that she's only 100!

I just hope no more Golden Girls go for a while. I love those ladies.

Scooter said...

Don't forget Perez Hilton!

Sarah said...

I think Cav is a death visionary - RIP Farrah

Scooter said...

Oh oh. Now we know who the other two were. :(