Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happiest Place on Earth...

It's Sunday night, my sister and I are about to go see Fantasmic! at Disneyland, but we decide to go on Pirates of the Caribbean first. As we exit, I look over and walking by one of the shops is a familiar face.

I have to think... I know him, but I don't know him...

And then it hits me.

"Hey," I whisper to my sister, "do you know who that guy is that we just passed?"

She looks back, "Nope."

"Cameron Crowe."

"Cool," she says as we walk on.

Cool indeed.

More on Disneyland to come...


Bhakti said...

Cameron Crowe is one of the finest American screenwriters and directors out there, don't cha think?

I used to love to watch the movie SINGLES when I was living in NYC. I loved Matt Dillon and Bridget Fonda. Great movie.

Miladysa said...

Have fun!

I worked on the Euro Disney version of Pirates :)

Kody said...

Very cool!