Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bad Friend..

Man, I suck as a friend... and not in a good way: Yesterday, March 1, was my friend Jill's birthday. I remembered in the morning while getting my coffee, but from the lounge to my desk, a shiny object must have appeared because I didn't remember again until this morning in the shower.*

I'm horrible about other people's birthdays. I expect them all to remember mine, but I constantly forget friend's birthdays until 3 or 4 days after the date. Last year I really screwed up with Scotty and actually spoke to him on his birthday, but didn't remember his birthday until days after.

So, Jill, my humble apologies. I sent her an email this morning,** but—hopefully—a public shaming will help. If not, the picture of Jodie Foster should make things alright (Jillybean loves the Jodster).

*Not sure why... we're close, but not that close.
**I think I spelled apology wrong in the email (four times)***--does that negate the apology?

***I'm consitent with my stupidity.


Miladysa said...


I am sure she will forgive you :)

JPRESTI said...
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JPRESTI said...

First you send me a Sharon Stone nipple shot, now Jodie Foster. You are forgiven for everything you have EVER done to piss be off in the past (and the list is long).

hee hee