Thursday, March 16, 2006

Eddie Would Go

Friday, March 17 is the 28th anniversary of Eddie Aikau’s disappearance. Eddie was known in the surf community for being able to surf the very biggest and scariest of waves and as an excellent waterman. Eddie and a group of paddlers were reenacting the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands by Hokule'a (a traditional Polynesian canoe), however they were determined to guide themselves the way the original Hawaiians did: without radios or navigation equipment, and only the stars to guide them.

Only a few hours out from the start, they hit heavy seas that capsized the Hokule’as and caused them to drift out of the air and sea lanes into dangerous waters. Eddie volunteered to take his paddle board and swim 12 miles to the nearest island for help.

Eventually, the crew was saved, but only Eddie’s broken board was discovered—Eddie was never found. He is now a Hawaiian legend, with a surf contest held every few years, but only when the waves are big enough—because Eddie would only surf the biggest waves possible.

In the Islands, when the sea is too rough, the waves too high, or something is deemed too difficult, it is often said, “Eddie would go.”

Have a great weekend—go do something crazy fun, Eddie would…

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