Sunday, March 19, 2006

And You Are...?

I’ve now passed the 7,000 visits mark—wow, hard to believe that 7,000 people would bother to stop by, much less read what I’ve written.

A number of wonderful readers came from other sites and I can only thank them for their wonderful support. I love you guys… and it’s not the wine I’m drinking (second glass… mmmm good, Cabernet Sauvignon*.

Boys for Breakfast (22 hits!)
EGL (11… If I wasn’t crushing on him—big time!—already, I’d love him even more)
Guy Dads (2)
Josh and Josh are Rich & Famous (1) (such cute boys… they will be rich and famous)
Gasbro (1)

Then again, I have to put my ego in check when I look at these results… here are some of the searches that have brought people to S&T:

“Slap & Tickle” Are they searching me out, or are they looking for something dirty? Do I care?
“Chris Evans Bulge” Who wouldn’t want to see that?
“Slap the Chicken” Is that like ‘choke the chicken’?
“Derek Cruise gay”
“Chris Evans Body” You had me at ‘bulge…’
“Rob Marciano Gay” I like where you’re going with this…
“Anderson Cooper Shirtless” Oh, YES! YES! YES! If you find them, send them to me!

Then there are those searches that make me say What. The. Fuck?
“Actress Sex”
“Americas [sic] Sexiest Women”
“Marlee Matlin”
“Editor-at-porn-magazine” (wha…?)
“Pictures of Beeker and Dr. Honeydew” (who looks for this?)
“Mornings of Slap & Tickle” Oh. My. God. Someone is actually looking for me? That is the craziest thing… ever.

Whore that I am... I'm 'Jonesing' for 10,000! There will be champagne that day!*

*A special thanks to the wonderful Lisa R. at work… she ran to Development at work and demanded wine (they’ve always got wine… or shirts… or anything with a freakin’ logo) and we drank on the train home. Then (and this is where I love her) she gave me the rest of the wine to take home. I finally drank it tonight. Good stuff… I’m totally buzzed. Probably shouldn’t be bragging about that, but it’s been a good weekend: went out with friends, got laid… talk about a capper…

**And I'll be totally hammered... you'll be lucky if I... I... (oh, the Hell with it... I think there is still a little left in the bottle... ooth... on noth... mah tonth ith thuth...)


EGL said...

See, now I'm pissed. I don't know who this "Boys for Breafast" guy is, but I think he needs to reconsider moving in on my greatest hits numbers! I'm not one for starting a blog war but I would consider a small tactical strike if I thought I had the power to do so.

While shaking the Stewie fist of righteous indignation, "Damn my lack of cool computer skills!"

Brian said...

I think I may be the one who searched the "Mornings of Slap and Tickle". I used to read your blog a million years ago (internet time, earth time around 2002 or before) but lost contact after I believe you took a hiatus from blogging; and my laptop lost all my book marks. (okay it fell off my bed when I fell asleep after searching for por-after doing research for school). Some years later I remembered you and wanted to check in but didn't know the address but remembered the title to your blog and was able to find you once again. You are memorable!