Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Gilbert Got A Job!"

I start my new job baking this Friday/Saturday. It’s a one-day a week gig, at a "cupcakery" in beautiful San Mateo, CA. I work only one day a week: Fridays from Midnight until 6:00am—possibly 8:00, if it’s really busy.
This is for my externship at PCI. I have to get 240 hours in to get my degree. If I were working a typical 8 hour shift, I would be done in 6 weeks. At my current rate of one six-hour shift a week, I will have my externship completed sometime next spring. Hey, I don’t want to tax myself…

I’m looking forward to the job. I worked this last weekend to see if they liked me and I liked the job. I guess since they offered me the job, they liked me. Or, they were up against a wall… either way, I’m a baker!

The sleep thing isn’t too much of a problem. I slept for four hours before my shift and then another four when I got home after—so I was able to get a full night’s sleep and still be up by 10:00am. All in all, not too shabby.

Hopefully, I’ll have some fun tales of the bakery to tell—I’m praying none of them will end with “…and they had no choice but to let me go.” OR “…I just kept running until they stopped chasing me.”

[If anyone out there is curious about the title of this piece, it comes from when I used to work at the movie theatres years ago. I met with this kid—Gabriel—for his first ever interview. He was so nervous, it was kind of sweet. That night, I called his house to let him know he got the job and asked for Gabriel. His uncle answered the phone, and when I told him where I was calling from, he yelled out to the family, “Hey, Gilbert got a job!” It wasn’t so much that he yelled this out to the family, as his amazed tone that Gilbert actually managed to get a job. (Gilbert didn’t last too long—I guess his family knew him pretty well…)

After that, whenever one of the managers would finish and interview and we were going to hire the person, we’d walk in the office and call out, “Gilbert got a job!”]

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Michele said...

Congratulations! You're a baker! I can't wait to hear the stories. I worked in restaurants for ages and all I have to show for those lost years are the stories. (And a damaged liver but I can't, like, share that.)

Hey, I looked at Sibby's website. $39 per dozen? Dude, so, she's paying you well, right? And I guess you can't share her buttercream frosting recipe?

I thought the Gilbert thing was from that movie, Gilbert Grape, because it sounds like something Leo/Arnie would have said to Johnny/Gilbert. I like your story better. I feel sorry for Gilbert and I don't even know him.