Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Debrief

I saw Kathy Griffin this weekend at the old Paul Masson Winery. Hysterical. Absolutely hysterical. I can’t stop thinking about her “Paris Hilton walk.” If you get a chance to see her—see her! It’s worth it.

A co-worker is doing a bit of modeling for a student who owns an online pants company called Bononos. If you’re athletic and looking for pants that will accommodate your “athletic thighs” like Louis, then this is the site for you. Me? I need something for fat thighs and gut, but no ass. Where’s my site? (besides this.)
fyi: Yes, that's how the picture is posted on their site... it's their joke and I'm not going to mess with it...

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Michele said...

I adore Kathy Griffin---I'm so jealous you saw her show!---but not nearly as much as I now adore your co-worker. Chris, do you actually see this man on a daily basis? I would have trouble functioning if he came anywhere near me. I just spent 10 minutes on that pants site. Six minutes staring at Brian and four minutes watching the "Miami Vice" video. Ahhh, Don Johnson was so beautiful... Geez, what a nice way to start my morning. Thanks Chris!