Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Worst Idea... EVER

As reported in Variety, there is a plan to remake The Big Chill. First, why can't Hollywood come up with something original? Two, why must they remake a great movie, instead of finding some old piece of crap no one ever saw and fix it? Third, if you're going to remake a good movie, how about remaking something where the cast couldn't easily reprise their roles?

Apparently, they are going with an all-black cast to be "edgy." Will Eddie Murphy be playing all the parts?

[UPDATE: A friend of mine has suggested a title for this all-black version: We Be Chillin'.]


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Michele said...

Totally agreed, terrible idea. "The Big Chill" is Kevin Kline and Glen Close. Without them, it isn't TBC. TV shows are truly better than most movies these days. Except for those guys who made "Hot Fuzz" and "Shaun of the Dead." They rock.

I heard a deal was just signed to make a sequel to "Wall Street." Like we need to see Gordon Gecko at, what, 90? I wonder if Charlie Sheen will be in it...