Monday, April 07, 2008

Someone Bring Me My Soapbox!

What is this bullshit going on with the Olympic torch relay? In London, protestors attacked the runners, trying to wrestle the torch from them. At another point in the route, someone discharged a fire extinguisher at the runner. Today in Paris, there was pandemonium and enough security warranted for a state visit. The runners had to jump onto a bus to escape the mobs. On Wednesday the relay comes to San Francisco… The nutjobs in SF LIVE for this kind of stuff.

Look, I’m a card-carrying liberal. I’m appalled at what China is doing in Tibet, and I stand with the Dali Lama and all those that wish to peacefully restore Tibet. While the Olympics are to be held in China this year, the Olympics are about Sport, not Politics. I appreciate the spirit of those that are protesting. I believe in Free Speech. I believe that China is in the wrong. However, when you deny someone’s right to free speech, you are no different than those you are protesting. Attacking the runners isn’t really addressing the problem, is it?

So… there are no more urgent issues in the world? Afghanistan is all honky-dory? Africa is doing just fine? Darfur is settled and everyone is happy and content—no one hacking anyone to death because they’re from the “wrong” tribe? Yes, the political situation in Tibet is awful—but Africa is pretty much a consistent lesson in genocide. But, genocide is a real downer, isn’t it? Protesting China is more cool. Even though half the crap you buy is from China—China’s bad, right? But not bad enough you want to throw out those clothes you got real cheap… Better to disrupt a parade, because—when you think about it—that’s what the Dali Lama’s five-point peace plan for Tibet was all about.

Speaking of… what’s the Dali Lama’s take on the situation? Non-violence. Non-fucking-violence. He’s had that opinion since China invaded Tibet in 1950. See a problem here?

Um… let’s see if I’ve got this straight: You fight oppression of free speech by oppression someone’s right to free speech and you answer a call for non-violence with violence. I think George Bush’s job of turning the world into idiots who behave just like him is complete.

I may not be all that bright, but I know that the bullshit has got to stop and we've got to start protesting things that aren't "cool" or have an easy solution. While Tibet does matter, it has been fifty years since China invaded... now is the time we need to make a stand? Against the swimmers, the long-distance runners, those women that look like 12 year-old boys on the balance beam... this is what we're protesting against?

[Sounds of crickets chirping]

[Chris steps slowly off of soapbox]

Um... and now back to our regularly scheduled garbage:

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Michele said...

I hear you, Chris! And I agree. I had to turn off BBC radio yesterday because they were going on and on and on about the torch protests in London and Paris. Ian and I were like, "Sheesh, if you want to protest, stop buying crap made in China." I hope countries don't pull their athletes out of the Games. I know the issues are serious but I don't agree with politicizing the Olympics. I don't even watch the Olympics and, yet, I appreciate that it's all about the athletes.

I hope they do pull the torch out of San Francisco. I love that city but it's full of some crazy MFers. :-)