Friday, May 22, 2009

Waterboarding: “It is Absolutely Torture!”

Conservative talk show host Mancow decided he could handle waterboarding because he does not think it’s torture. He lasted six seconds.

Part I:

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Part II:
He realizes it’s torture (and--hopefully--that he’s an idiot, as well.)

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JPRESTI said...

wow, that is powerful. it doesn't look like much as an observer, but he is clearly shaken once he sits up.

that was hard to watch.

Michele said...

Idiot, yes. And an asshole, too. Because only an asshole could think it's not torture to have people hold you down and force water over your face.

At least he admitted it. That it's torture, I mean, not that he's an idiot. He'd never admit that.

What the hell kind of name is Mancow, anyway?