Friday, August 17, 2007

Alexyss Tylor Warns The Gays

Remember Alexyss Tylor? Ms. Vagina Power is back with another hysterical video--this one blaming white men for subverting young black men because they want the young black men “to screw ‘em all in the ass…”

As always, Ms. Tylor has no facts to back up her statements, but I really don’t know if there is any kind of study on men who "suck a dick up till they hiccup..."

Ignorance is bliss… but in this case, it’s hysterical. Yes, she’s a racist. Yes, she’s a homophobe. Yes, she’s dumb as a box of rocks (and not the smart rocks, either). But, she provides endless entertainment—and for that, I am grateful.


durante said...

That bitch is crazy. Where did you find her?

durante vita

Mike said...

She cracks me up... I wish her show was on my cable system. LOL.

Chris said...


You can always buy some of her DVDs from her website. I'm tempted to give them as Christmas presents to some of my friends--they need to know about Vagina Power and how women are addicted to a man's penis.

Don't forget to 'Suck dick until you hiccup!" I have got to get that on a t-shirt!

Billy said...

When you order that T-shirt, please get me one too! This is soooo funny!

sales said...

Jeez...Do American TV channels actually PAY this woman to work for them?

With a mouth like that and the vacuum in her brain, I bet she could suck an orange up a hose-pipe and subvert the po' black boys herself!

Chris said...


She is on Public Access--when the government granted the rights for cable companies to set up shop, they had to allow for one channel to be open to all citizens to "put on a show."

A classic example--although it is a parody--would be Wayne's World.

I worked at a Community College and we were responsible for putting these shows on the air. Some were interesting (Syrian News) and some just plain bizzare (a local nut who fancied himself as a great interviewer... he wasn't).