Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Like ‘Em Large

A lot has been written lately on the NYFD calendar’ cover guy for 2008—Michael Bistera—who was in a guys going wild video showing off his fire hose (nsfw). God love him, the guy is hung huge.

Due to the “scandal,” the NYFD said they were going to pull the calendar and forfeit some $150,000 for fire safety and recruitment programs.

Today, I staggered outside (I'm home with the flu) and found they had mailed the calendar! I thought I got through on some sort of loophole, but when I went to check their website I found the purchase link still active. Upon listening carefully to the press reports, they will not be participating in future calendars.

This is confusing to me: a bunch of firemen shirtless isn’t damaging the department’s credibility, but showing your junk 4 years before you join the fire department does? No, they aren’t upset that he flashed his johnson, they’re upset he’s bigger than they are.

I guess the lesson is: People are afraid of big dicks...

Personally, I think the NYFD will rethink the issue when this calendar sells more than previous calendars and they make a ton of money. That lesson is obvious: Big dicks rule!


Michele said...
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Michele said...

(I accidentally deleted my post! Sorry.)

There must be something seriously wrong with me because I don't see the big deal with the video. Yes, he gets naked but he doesn't do anything remotely pornographic. The video seems sort of friendly and innocent. In fact, it's pretty boring. For that, they'd stop doing future calendars? Jeez.

Hey Chris, sorry to hear you're sick! :-( I hope the calendar makes you feel better...

durante said...

Thank you for that. You know, most review of a guys' piece of meat don't live up to expectations. But yours did and I am eternally grateful.