Friday, August 24, 2007

And You Think I’ve Got Too Much Time on My Hands…

I first saw the unintentionally funny comic panels on Yes but No but Yes, but found even more at the source, Super Dickey. Below are some of my favorite panels—anyone who says that superheroes aren’t gay needs to answer to these panels:

"Oh, Archie..."


Yes, Batman... what have you done with Robin?

All this is because of penis envy?

I know what Batman is doing... but what is Robin up to?

"Hold on, Billy. This is going to hurt at first..."

I'd be done, too. That stuff stings!


Agnes Mildew said...

I am sure the Riddler has to be the most suspect out of all these comic book characters - basically he is a pr*ck tease.

Anyone who can say, "Since you'll be sticking around for a while, I'll leave you a riddle to work on: The more you take away, the larger it grows" is just playing around with people's feelings...

Michele said...

OMG, what is Robin doing?

These are all hysterical. I can't believe the Joker panel. I actually went and looked up "boner" in Webster's. It says, "one who bones." WTF? :-)

Mike said...

Those are great! I need to start collecting comic books.

I love the Superman & Billy one... Anyone who has a Superman costume get to my house ASAP!