Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Account Transfer to EGL's Spank Bank

Just for you EGL, some "package" pics of Jonathan Papelbon. Sadly, those black compression pants do not allow enough access. Pabelbon was also in the news today in Boston...

He Dances!

Getting Silly (I'd still do him...)

Pointing to me in the stands...*

*A guy can dream, can't he? Wacka-Chicka-Wacka-Chicka-Bow-Wow


Evil Gay Lawyer said...

You're my new bestest friend! You totally beat out the guy who interviewed me last night for the position of sex partner and then decided, "we should be friends." Apparently I'm so hideous that even after discussions of what various things we were going to do to each other via phone that upon seeing my face he was so horrified he couldn't go through with it.

At least I have these pictures to comfort me!

Chris said...

Think of it this way: you dodged a bullet. That guy sounds demanding and selfish.

Oh, EGL... I keep waiting for you to 'find the love' and start writing again. I live vicariously through your sexploits...