Monday, March 17, 2008

"Sanctity of Marriage"

Okay... so this debate is over right? We're done, right? Enough, already! With a 50% divorce rate, you have not proven your case at all. Need an example, or two... or three... or four... or...?








If that doesn't do it for you, try this! McGreevey's aide says he, McGreevey and Professional Victim (Mrs. McGreevey) were threesome-ing it for quite some time. But, she "had no idea" he was gay. Um, when he's sucking crank in front of you, lady, that's a BIG DAMN CLUE!

[UPDATE: McGreevey admitted to the threesomes... I think want to go into politics]

Still not convinced? Try to figure out the "sanctity" of this, this, this, and this—plus, I'd love to know God's take on this and this. And if it doesn't work out there's this and this. Or for you do-it-yourselfers this and this.

This completes the end of the debate for Sanctity of Marriage. Why not let gays do for marriage what we do for property values? Give us marriage rights and we will fix it up and make it better. Honesty, do you really think we'll do a worse job than you?

However, if you're going to continue denying gays the right to marry—not civil union, not partnership, but full-on fucking MARRIAGE—you had better come up with a better reason, because that one NO ONE buys anymore.

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Michele said...

Too right, Chris, too right. Although it does pain me to see the Clintons included here...correctly included, of course, but it's painful. Which makes it doubly dumb for Senator Clinton to oppose gay marriage. But it's dumb for anyone to oppose it, so I shouldn't single her out. And I love her! You know I love her! (Does that make me gay?)

Hey, wow, that Mrs. McGreevey was certainly a fun gal, huh? If I was gay... ;-)