Friday, November 21, 2008

G'Spank Bank, Mate!

Who am I to go against the powers that be at People Magazine? Hugh Jackman is the newly crowned "Sexiest Man Alive!" Below are some examples of why he's been inducted into this most distinguished lusty list:

Nice beach bod... and he's got some list-worthy friends!

Yeah... that's the stuff right there.

And he's a dad?! Now, I'm in LOVE!!!

For those of you who have not memorized the People List of Sexiest Men Alive! for the past 20 years, here's a recap:

Mel Gibson (85)
Mark Harmon (86)
Harry Hamlin (87)
John F. Kennedy, Jr. (88) *
Sean Connery (89)
Tom Cruise (90)
Patrick Swayze (91)
Nick Nolte (92)
Richard Gere (93)
Brad Pitt (95)
Denzel Washington (96)
George Clooney (97)
Harrison Ford (98)
Richard Gere (99)
Brad Pitt (00)
Pierce Brosnan (01)
Ben Affleck (02)
Johnny Depp (03)
Jude Law (04)
Matthew McConaughey (05)
George Clooney (06)
Matt Damon (07)
Hugh Jackman (08)

*Interesting stats on JFK, Jr. win: He's the only winner now deceased, is the youngest winner ever (27) and the only non-actor to win. Okay, it's not that interesting... but I love me some JFK, Jr.!


Michele said...

Thank you, Chris, for the sizzling hot pix of Mr. Jackman. Oooh, he is one gorgeous hunk of manflesh. And he's straight? I think I love him...

Okay, I spent enough time browsing the list that I see Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney all won twice? Seriously? People Magazine needs to expand its search... They couldn't find room for Antonio Banderas just once? He's so dreamy.

Thinking about JFK, Jr. makes me sad. It would have been so interesting to watch him go through life...

JPRESTI said...

Hugh's outback bath in "Australia" is pretty hot even for me!