Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Time killer! Four videos… a little something for everyone. However, the first and last are the best.

If You Like It, Then You Shoulda Put a Ring It

Some people like Beyonce, some people love Beyonce… and then there’s Shane Mercado:

I love the song and I love how Shane just puts it all out there. He was on Bonnie Hunt yesterday and he was very sweet—plus, girlfriend has got some moves. I’d mock him, but if I could dance like that, I would.

Did I mention that I friggin' LOVE this song? No? Well, I friggin' LOVE this song!

Cute Cat Break

Funny Because it’s True


Now, this guy has got some pipes! (and he's cute--nice combo.)
UPDATE: A killjoy friend just let me know that this isn't Corey singing the song, it's a group called Moosebutter, and Corey is just lip-syncing. Moosebutter says it's with their blessing, but it's not nearly as cool as I thought it was.


JPRESTI said...

Ah Shane -- "HeYonce" as Bonnie called him. It was great to see him get to do it front of the green screen.

And just as great to see Bonnie do it. I love her!

You know girlfriend is totally going to get to meet Miss Beyonce now.

Chris said...

I know! If he tours with her, I'll go see her in concert...