Thursday, November 06, 2008

Meet Your New President

I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this excited and hopeful about the election of a president. I remember being relieved when Clinton won his second term, but this is different. This feels much better.


Evil Gay Lawyer said...

I would have been totally elated on election night if it wasn't for Prop 8 Passing. Obama as President is FANTASTIC but we homos got a smack in the face.

Michele said...

Chris, those pictures are amazing. Honestly, it's the first time I've felt some affection for Mrs. Obama. Living outside the U.S., I just have not had the opportunity to get to know these two people. I look forward to watching and listening to them in the next four (8?) years.

EGL is right---y'all got screwed in a bad way. I just do not understand it. Like a straight friend of mine said Tuesday night, "WTF are people afraid of? Believe me, all the problems I've had in my marriage had NOTHING to do with gay people."