Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sort of Busy...

I've been busy lately. Well, not just with work, but for my new love: Facebook! Good Lord, how did I live without it? I've created a snowman army, sent good karma to friends near and wide, found out that a friend was "wishing [she] was someplace fun!" Wow. To really get into someone's mind... amazing.

Yes, it's a bit silly, but it's incredibly addictive! I've started searching around for old friends and old crushes. They've all moved on to great things, whilst I am barely able to crank out a blog post on a daily basis without depending on YouTube to save my sorry ass. Life is fun!

Speaking of YouTube, here are today's posts of note--enjoy at will:

Toby’s New Trick…

“What’s that Boy? Billy’s Trapped in a Well?”

Those Aussies Have a Lock on Subtlety

The Wait is Over… (but it’s on again until May)

I need a cigarette after that one (AWESOME!)


Michele said...

Wow, that is one furry beaver! ;-) Me likee the new Spock.

Dude, I just friended you! Now I'm "waiting for Chris to reply." :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you--keeping up my blog is enough without joining every new social networking site out there. I'm part of a few but I keep my activity to an embarrassing loser minimum.

Chris said...

Riverwolf, I've resisted MySpace... but Facebook sucked me in.