Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It Gets Lonely in Space

I guess I missed this episode. Something tells me I would have enjoyed it... a lot.


Stephen Rader said...

I love the alien in the back, glaring at Kirk. Makes me think that Kirk stole that toy from the alien. And Miss Thing wants it back. Badly! :)

Chris said...

"Gurhl, you do not come into mah cave and take mah toyz!"

Love. It. Thank you, Stephen...

Cuphound said...

Damn, the alien looks really familiar. Now I'm going to fuckin' research just so I know if the phallic stalagmite (stalagtite?) was in the actual episode or photoshopped in.

Thanks, Chris! Trap me in queer geek hell, why don't you?

Cuphound said...

It's real! This image has a better angle on the glans.

You don't remember this image because it is from a completely lame first season episode called What Are Little Girls Made Of? Nurse Chapel's lame ex-boyfriend, Dr. Korby, recreates himself and a buxom brunette in a standard-issue bikini outfit named Andrea as androids to carry out a plan of galactic domination.

I have seen this one once over twenty years ago. It didn't pop up in the reruns frequently. I don't think Chapel even has a crush on Spock at that point. No plomeek soup hurled at her through the door yet (that was Amok Time, Spock's pon farr episode).

What Are Little Girls Made Of? sucked, as evidenced by the fact that I didn't view it twenty times. Sadly, I have no memory of the mother of all dildos being used to get Kirk's rocks off. I think he tried using Andrea for that, poor fucker.

I'm yearning for the new sexually liberated sci-fi future that features casting like that of the new Battlestar Galactica, but finally gets over the present's heterosexist marketing and finally let the hot guys fuck each other. I like Starbuck; I think she's cool; but why should she get all cock in the galaxy?

I have a dream, Chris, that one day, the James T. Kirks of the galaxy will be entitled to satisfying masturbation.

It'll happen!