Monday, December 15, 2008

Gentlemen, You May Thank Me with Twenties & Fifties

CNN Health is reporting that “Fellatio May Significantly Decrease the Risk of Breast Cancer in Women”. Merry Christmas!

“But, Honey… I’m only thinking of you and your health…”

Sorry, ladies...

CORRECTION: A bunch of fun-killers have noted that this is a fake news story. Which amuses me even more because I pulled it from the Google News page. Man, was I sucked in by this (no pun intended). Next you're going to tell me that those penis growing pills don't work...


Anonymous said... almost got me on that one.


Chris said...

Dude, it's NOT a joke. That's CNN Health. It's true... for reals.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's not... Sorry!


Chris said...

Those guys out in front of your house with pitch forks and torches are there to see you.

It fooled Google News as well... I pulled it from that page.

Fished in!