Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is Dasha Astafieva. She is Hugh Hefner’s newest girlfriend as well as the January 2009 Playmate of the Month and the Playboy 55th Anniversary Playmate. I wonder what she’s selling?

She’s not just giving away the milk, she’s throwing the whole farm at them! What ever happened to being seductive, alluring and enticing? Come to think of it, she probably has no idea what those words mean… in fact, that’s probably what the photographers were yelling out: “Dasha… be seductive… now, be alluring… er, okay… wanna try enticing? Um, how ‘bout pulling your panties back up…?”

Today, they give it all away: Britney’s shaved who-ha, Drew Barrymore flashing her boobs, Paris Hilton downing some guy’s junk… It used to be you imagined what someone looked like naked, now it’s practically forced upon us in all its natural and—almost always—unfortunate glory. When will they understand that sexy and whorish are not one in the same?

Maybe I'm just annoyed that we still have two days until Spank Bank Friday...


Anonymous said...

Frustrated? You could always launch Wank Bank Wednesdays!

But yeah, whatever happened to a little teasing, a little flirting, a little mystery?

JPRESTI said...

I love clothes. Makes you use your imagination.

Maybe it's age, or maybe it's my upbringing, but that girl is just nasty -- and not in a good way. Why wear the (whatever that is) at all? Seems like a waste of good lace.

Anonymous said...

Where's the 4th picture, where she takes a dump on the red carpet?