Thursday, July 20, 2006

Michele’s Grand Adventure

Remember my hysterically funny friend Michele? If you don’t you’re not reading enough… Anyway, she has started a blog about her moving to Norway after living in San Francisco for most of her adult life.

She is a terrific writer and an absolute riot—I think you will enjoy it. Go on… go get your Norway on at Michele’s My Grand Adventure blog, you won’t be sorry.


Michele said...

Chris, you sweet, sweet man! I am touched that you would feature me---again!---in your marvelous blog. You are a true friend. And, apparently, an excellent PR guy; if I ever get a book contract, I'll be calling! :-) Thanks again!

Ariel1980 said...

He is a sweetie, isn't he? Loved the things you sent Chris, I'll be perusing the JDate site for potential vitims. =)