Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Disaster That Would Be A Palin Presidency

This is Andrew Sullivan’s view of what the first moments of a Palin Presidency would be:

However, an astute reader noted to Andrew that “The only problem with this is that I haven't seen any evidence Palin doubts her abilities to run the country well. In this scenario, she'd shout a triumphant "At last! My chance!" summarily dump the pilot out of his seat, take the controls and confidently proceed to crash the plane, taking everyone on board with her."

Only 26 days left, people. If your ass isn’t registered, bring it over to me and I will kick it until next Tuesday. Oh, yeah… I went there.


Stephen Rader said...

Love the video. I love the comment even more!

Hell, Karen Black would be a better VP than Palin. At least we know she can land a friggin' plane!!!

Riverwolf said...

Yeah, I think Palin is overly confident that she possesses the skills to lead. She likely relishes the opportunity to become Prez. This reminds me too much of Bush; they're quite similar. And like Bush, Palin would probably be led astray by an overly powerful VP.

Hmmm, not exactly sure of my constitutional knowledge--if Palin did become Prez, who would fill her VP slot? Boehner? Dear gods--we're doomed!