Tuesday, October 21, 2008


When Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin isn't spreading lies about Barak Obama, she is running her mouth off about how John McCain is a man of honor. Too bad she isn't. The woman who constantly rails against "big government" seems to like it when "big government" foots the bill for travel for her kids.

I hope she had fun on SNL last weekend, her 15 minutes are coming to an end (less than two weeks away).

Vote... and give.

And if that's not enough, "Joe Six-Pack/Hockey Mom" has got a $150,000 a month budget for clothes! Yeah, she's just a 'regular gal' like you and me... Glad I'm not giving to the RNC... talk about a waste of money.


Riverwolf, said...

Don't get me started! (I'll have to type even though my hand hurts!).

Yeah, Ms. "Taxes-Are-Unpatriotic" doesn't mind taxes so much when they, oh, pay her governor's salary or allow her to drag her spawn around the country! Or when those taxes are used in "socialist" ways such as taking taxes from oil companies and spreading the wealth around to every resident of Alaska!

I said, don't get me started!

JPRESTI said...

Yeah, but isn't that a lovely suit she is wearing?