Monday, October 27, 2008

Sailing Along...

There’s a part of me that feels sorry for Beatrice Muller as her nine-year stay aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 comes to an end, but to be on a nine-year vacation, one can hardly be pitied.

Her husband died in 1999 and Bea—as she is called—was urged by her two sons to continue travelling aboard the QE2. And that’s just what she’s done, by booking back-to-back trip for the last nine years.

Contrary to what you might think, she is not fabulously wealthy, but—according to Mrs. Muller—it is comparable to what a retirement home might cost: about $70,000 a year. With much better service than one could get at a retirement home!

She’s sailed thousands of miles and made probably as many friends, but her trip is about to come to an end. The ship ends her run this week and is being turned into a floating hotel for Palm Island in Dubai. And Mrs. Muller is going to be without a home.

Cheer up, dear. The Queen Victoria will be sailing from Civitavecchia, Italy next week and the Queen Mary 2 will be sailing out of Southampton in the middle of November. You can still sail the world in style.

Some interesting articles on Beatrice Muller can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE.


JPRESTI said...

Genius! Where do I sign up?

Mike Todd said...

But does the boat have bingo night, or desserts that feature jello with vegetables suspended inside?

Cool story -- thanks for pointing it out.