Monday, October 13, 2008

Palin = Stock Market

Just when you thought she couldn't get any worse, Sarah Palin continues her downward slide into complete idiocy.

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Cuphound said...

Chris, habibi, well of course she's stupid. Of course she sank lower. This is to be expected.

If you're going to assume some sort of improvement on her part, you might as well become a fan of the Detroit Lions (0-5 this week). The odds of her improving are just slightly better than theirs.

Remember that she's been engaged for a very specific clientele. Chris, college educated queers are not her target audience. She's there to shore up the right side of the Republican party. And they're enthused.

They're not enough to win the election, but they're enthused. The tactic is good, but the strategy is bad. But I don't see where the Republicans had much of a chance of winning on this terrain. The election really has been Obama's to lose since he was nominated.

Brain power is not much of a selling point for the right and is of dubious value when dealing with the center. Remember Gore and Kerry. People in the midwest don't vote for intellectuals. In contrast, look at Bush the Younger's successes. Don't tell me idiots can't be marketed.

I think you're likely to see a few more Palins on the horizon. If you want to sell a candidate like her, you just need to get to her early and train her like a monkey. Remember how well Dan Quayle fared at his debate in Bush's re-election bid in '92. The media were absolutely floored by how well Palin did in her debate. True, I think Biden won, but all Palin had to do is look good.

Think of how her demographic responds to her and imagine what might be possible with earlier, more intensive training. Jim Henson could do miracles here.

Granted, most idiots don't come with the Bush family name and the campaign bucks attached to it. The money surely made a difference for Bush in his efforts to edge out McCain in 2000. But still, I think it's a viable strategy for the right. Americans hate intellectuals. Correct use of vocabulary is not an asset with that demographic.