Friday, August 08, 2008

“Let the Games Begin!”

With the opening ceremony for the 29th Olympiad of the Modern Era set to commence in Beijing just hours from now*, here are a few opening ceremonies/cauldron lighting moments from the last ten Olympiads (plus, London 1948 and a little bit 'o somethin' special).

7 Years in the making, 31 New Venues, 205 Countries, 10,000 Athletes; all intersecting at one amazing moment:

Athens – 2004

(The Giant Doobie)

Sydney – 2000

(Note: when the cauldron is shaking that’s the guys inside kicking the crap out of the thing to get it to move)

Atlanta – 1996


Barcelona – 1992

(Best. Lighting. Ever.)

Seoul – 1988

Los Angeles – 1984

Moscow – 1980

(Never saw this before… kinda glad I missed it.)

Montreal – 1976

Munich – 1972

(No actual video… just stills.)

Mexico City – 1968

London – 1948

BBC Grandstand for Atlanta

(Gone with the Wind, surprisingly “American”)

And a little Olympic eye-candy!


*by now the cauldron is lit and everyone in China has gone to bed.

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