Friday, August 08, 2008

Spank Bank Friday

You know, in the after-glow of my Olympic Opening Ceremonies Orgasm, I've neglected to put up a proper SBF. So, for those of you who are feeling a little left out on the Obvious Eye-Candy (i.e. dudes that have amazing bodies not because their athletic, but because they are man-whores*), here's something to chew on for the weekend:

Why's he pointing that way, when he's clearly looking over here?

*Not that I would call either of these upstanding gentlemen "man-whores"... but if they are, my number is: (408) 429 -


Evil Gay Lawyer said...

Sweetie I love ya, but if your luck is like mine then none of the man whores I could afford look anything like these boys!

Chris said...

Oh, EGL... I don't pay for my man-whores, I get it the old fashioned way: I beg!

Riverwolf said...

You say "man whore" like it's a bad thing!