Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The Daily Kos has a great list of reasons John McCain can use the above card. It keeps growing... and growing... and growing...

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JPRESTI said...

When McCain is asked about his affair he says, "It was a long time ago" and refuses to discuss it further, yet he uses the POW excuse whenever it suits him (even if it's a totally random, out of place comment). That was a long time ago too, perhaps it's time to move on?

His wife was on The View a few months ago, bragging about how he was going to spend a week hiking the Grand Canyon, at the same time he receives an inflated military pension for the injuries he sustained, a long time ago. How disabled could he possibly be?

And why does a man married to a woman worth 100 million dollars continue to collect a pension? There must be a way to refuse it, he is a U.S. Senator for goodness sake. Couldn't that money be put to better use?

I am sure he is a great guy, and everyone appreciates what he sacrificed for his country, but enough with the crutch already!