Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin and Tall

John McCain picked the completely unknown Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Mother of five, governor of 600,000, and pro-life advocate for his Vice President. She has been governor of Alaska for two years... prior to that she was the mayor of a town of 6000. No, I'm not kidding. Stop laughing. This is serious.

Not her... just looks like here

She is an avid hunter... yeah, that went over real well with the last VP. I'm sure it can only mean good things. Are the PUMAs (Hillary Supporters who are acting like children) so goddamned stupid that they will actually vote for McCain for this? Crap. They are.

Nope... still not her.

Here's the thing that a friend pointed out: Obama picked Biden because he knew he could help him govern better. McCain picked a woman only because it could help him win. Contrary to the idiots like Cindy McCain that said she has "international experience because her state is near Alaska"*, she has no actual international experience. While Alaska is a very large state--it is the third smallest in population. Basically, the mayor of my hometown has overseen more constituents than pretty little Sarah.

Yep. That's her.

But Chris, you're probably saying, it's not all that important, is it? She's just the VP. Think about this: consider that John McCain produced 8,000 pages of medical records from 2002 on (which he would only let the press see for less than an hour) the chances of this guy making it to inauguration is pretty sketchy. Then again, the Republicans wouldn't just put up some moron just to win an election so she knows what she's doing, right? Right?!
Christ, were fucked.

*Jon Stewart's reply: "Does that mean she knows Santa Claus, too?"

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JPRESTI said...

Have ya heard? Her(the last one at the bottom in the red suit) 16-year-old daughter is pregnant. Whoops.