Monday, September 01, 2008

Nice Parenting, Palin

I guess you can't have it all: Sarah Palin's unwed 17 year-old daughter is pregnant. Apparently, she is "delighted" at the news, as all mothers of unwed 17 year-old pregnant daughters are. Well, being governor and working so hard for the State of Alaska must have taken so much time out of the time she ordinarily would have been parenting her child. One can only imagine the results if she becomes Vice-President.

Remember what happened to Jenna Bush? First, she was a drunk who was almost arrested (just like daddy) and then she married a REPUBLICAN. The horror! Oh, wait... I'm sure her parents liked that. Still, it's pretty disturbing that she's going to breed. Do we need any more Bushes? No. Am I way off topic? Yes.

I say it here and now: Vote for Obama, if only for the sake of Palin's family. Besides, as The Daily Show so brilliantly points out to us: He Completes Us.

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