Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Melissa Etheridge & Me

On the 28th, my friend Jill took me to the Melissa Etheridge concert at The Paramount Theater in Oakland. We had a wonderful time. I would tell you about it, but I think Jill tells it best. She sent out a little story on the night... my pics are below.


Melissa Jamming with Philip Sayce

Melissa rocking the house

Philip Sayce going wild on his guitar (he's an amazing player)

Jill's Story:

The Pick

I took Chris to see Melissa Etheridge last night at the Paramount in Oakland (for his birthday for the next 3 years -- the seats you get from her fan club are the best, but they come at a hefty price). He told me he'd love to go, he enjoys her, but wouldn't necessarily think to make an effort to see her.

He asked me as we are walking down the aisle of the theater where the seats were, adding, "I hope they aren't right in the front, I don't know if I am a 'right in the front' kind of guy."

We were directed into the front row, actually, the front row of "the pit" where there are only two feet separating us from the stage and nobody in front of us but Melissa and her amazing band. It took him only a couple of minutes to get on the phone to Scotty to tell him where he was sitting.

Fast forward, the show has started and he is totally getting into it, clapping, taking pictures with his new iPhone, standing up and doing a little back and forthing with his feet -- having a good old time.

There comes a time in all her concerts where security allows people to get up and stand against the edge of the stage. When it starts to happen, I figure, what the hell, let's do it, so I stood up, turned to Chris and said, "Get up, it's your duty to represent the front row & the few men in this audience! (or something like that)."

About 30 minutes later the show came to an end and she went through the thank you, thank you, thank yous & the handing off of the coveted guitar pick. She gave the pick to a guy who had been sitting directly in front of her for the entire show having a crazy good time. He was thrilled.

They came back for the requisite rock -n- roll encore and she did a rousing rendition of Piece of My Heart.

At the end of the song, she slide her guitar onto her back, walked directly to Chris, and handed him her guitar pick, shook the hands of the rest of us along the stage and exited stage left. There were 35 women (some of which had been yelling "I love you Melissa!" all night) and maybe 4 guys along the edge of the stage, and she chose him!

He was giddy, grinning from ear to ear, and babbling something about feeling totally thrilled to have come with me. Then he turned to me and said, "Here, you should have this" and gave me the pick. All together now, A-A-A-h-h-h-h-h-h.

He then whipped out his phone to call Scotty again, and like a 15-year-old girl who had just seen the Beatles live, blathered on about what had just happen. He pretty much collected himself before we left the theater, but there was clear hesitation in his step as he caught glimpse of the tour bus parked in the street next to our parking garage.

He was hilarious.

I guess Chris is a "right in the front kind of guy" after all. Who knew?

Who knew, indeed! It was pretty awesome. I just wish Melissa would stop calling me to 'hang out'...


JPRESTI said...

Can I come hang with you guys too?

Michele said...

OMG! Chris, those pictures are amazing! Jill, your story makes me feel like I was there, too---and believe me, I'm wishing I WAS! (Jill, might it be time for a Jill blog?) What a great night you two had. It's a wonderful thing about Melissa---you see her the first time and love her forever. She looks great in those photos. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Very cool b-day present. I saw Melissa in concert years ago and it was amazing. I actually took a friend for her birthday!