Thursday, September 18, 2008


What an awesome commercial! Too bad they didn't sell this in the U.S. I would have killed to see this commercial as a kid:

Charles Bronson—they couldn’t find anyone more badass. Drinking in a cool bar, tolerating the doorman, excessively speeding home after drinking in the cool bar and then pouring a shitload of this stuff all over himself—all of it is the epitome of 1970’s cool.

Except, of course, for the swimming in that crap. You know that stuff was on the ‘reek level’ of Hai Karate. Can you imagine drowning your skin in this stuff…? God, he must have stunk to Hai Heaven. Seriously, he didn’t just put some on, he kept dumping more and more of it—on his back, no less—and then rubbed it into his skin! Did he die of skin cancer? If not, I’m sure it would have gotten him eventually.

Makes you wonder what the heck is going to happen to all those schmucks slathering on AXE Body Lotion, which can be seen here:

Did they even have to write a new ad for AXE, or did they just watch this just before filming?


Anonymous said...

How funny. I love the spin-off top. I could do that for hours!

Michele said...

I love the Bronson ad. The music makes me miss the 70s. The Hai-Karate ad is hee-larious. Ian and I should try that around the house... :-) I hate the AXE ad; it's just stupid.