Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sometimes You Can’t Go Home Again

As a kid, I used to love this cartoon called Milton The Monster. It had a great opening theme song and I loved Milton (probably because he was so gay). I would mention my fondness of this show to friends only to have them look at me suspiciously and accuse me of lying and that I made it all up. I’d plea that it was true, but they wouldn’t listen. Did I ever mention that some of my friends can be real assholes?

Thinking about Milton as I am want to do—I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands—I did a yahoo search and found the opening credits and a full episode! After watching the episode, I realized that like all 70’s cartoons, it seriously sucked. I’m now thinking of denying I’ve ever heard of it…

1 comment:

JPRESTI said...

You mentioned this last weekend, but I didn't remember it.

NOW I TOTALLY REMEMBER IT, especially the opening! 6 drops of the essence of terror... when the stirring's done may I lick the spoon? a touch of tenderness... ha hA!

He sounds like Gomer Pyle, yep, he's gay.

I wasn't an asshole was I? I didn't think so.