Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Smell A Rat

Why does Sarah hate America? Here she is supporting an Alaskan secessionist group.

I suspect this is all part of the plan. The Republicans can not be so stupid as to put up someone that has not been properly vetted. No one wants a surprise abortion or DUI or other nonsense to come out during the campaign. They go over these guys with a fine tooth comb.

Here’s what I’m thinking: They put up a WOMAN that they KNOW will have to drop out, but they get the CREDIT for putting her up. They did what Hillary’s supporters wanted Barak to do. Now, McCain can put up Romney and it’s not “just a bunch of old, rich, white guys” but it’s about having someone who is squeaky clean.

Now there are reports that McCain is NOW going to vet her. Really? Do they think we’re that dumb? Well, we elected Bush twice and we went to war for no f’ing reason—sure, why not?

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